Housing portal

We manage all our tenancies at hybel.no, this means that you as a tenant only need to deal with one place no matter what you need 📝

You get a full overview of your tenancy with us, here you can:

  • Sign your tenancy contract
  • Pay your rent
  • See an overview of your invoices and payment information
  • Report faults and defects in your housing
  • Chat with us about your tenancy
  • See your tenancy agreement
  • Download a signed PDF version of your contract
  • Terminate your tenancy agreement
  • Apply for switching rooms
  • Submit and update your contact information
  • The information you provide here is the one that we use to contact you, so it is important that you provide the correct information!

Has something happened in your housing? The fridge stopped working? The sink is clogged? A lot can happen in a room 😊
For the maintenance department to be able to help you as easily and smoothly as possible you have to make what is called a maintenance case (vedlikeholdssak). That way, the case is connected to you and your room number, and you will easily be able to communicate and see the status of the case along the way. 

How to create a maintenance case:

  1. Log into your profile at hybel.no 
  1. Click on messages in the menu to the left
  1. Click on the conversation you have with us (simolde bolig) 
  1. When you get to the chat you have with us, click on the button located right above were you can write a message, where it says “+ new maintenance case” (“+ ny vedlikeholdssak” in Norwegian) 
  1. Fill in all the fields that pop up, and explain as detailed as possible what the issue is 
  1. Click next 
  1. Upload pictures if necessary  
  1. Send in 

The maintenance department will follow up on the case, and reach out if they have any follow up questions. If there is something you want to add to the case you can add it as a comment, and that way easily communicate with the maintenance department.