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Here is how to do it:

Click to choose your study program.

At the start of the semester, you can order complete book bundles. Choose the bundle that matches your study year from the list. If you do not find a book bundle for your study, you can order books individually.

Write down the title, author and/or ISBN of the book(s). You can use the course code when ordering a compendium.

Fill in the required contact information.

Choose between picking up your order at the bookstore, or having the package sent home to you. We can only sent packages to a Norwegian address.

If you pick up the order at the bookstore, you pay at the register. Students in Kristiansund can have their order sent to the University Center in Kristiansund (HIKSU) free of charge. If you choose to have the books shipped to you, we will send you an invoice to the provided e-mail.