Moving out?

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Cleaning? Handing in keys? There's a lot that has to be done before moving out!

How do I cancel my agreement?

You can cancel your agreement online by sending us a message via Remember that there is a two (2) months termination period from the date you cancel! If you, for example, cancel your agreement on October 9th your contract lasts until December 9th. You have to pay for the whole termination period even if you move out earlier. But you only pay until December 9th - so you don't pay a full month's rent in December, only 9 days.

Please note, exchange students with a housing guarantee cannot cancel their agreements their first semester after arrival, while international students (on a full time Master program in Molde) with a housing guarantee cannot cancel their agreement the first year after arrival. See the contract for more information.

Cleanout and checkout

The home must be cleaned by the tenant before keys are handed in:
Information about cleaning/what to clean before moving

If you want to be present for the check-out of the cleaning, book well in advance, preferably 14 days in advance. Book a check-out via email to Cleaning checkouts are available during weekdays from 09:00-14:00.

If you move out without check-out, the housing will be checked by our facilitator when we have received the key, and you must accept the cleaner’s decision. You will be charged for costs in the event of inadequate/unapproved cleaning or damages in the housing. Inadequate cleaning is charged with NOK600 per started hour.

Remember to empty your storage and any cupboards/drawers, fridge/freezer in the shared kitchen! Take all your belongings with you. Dispose of all garbage in the correct waste dumpster.

This is how a cleaning checkout takes place

  • You empty the housing for belonging, or place them in the middle of the room, and clean the housing before we come by
  • Together we will go through the housing and agree on what is approved and if something might need to be done better. If something is not approved you get the opportunity to fix it right away, which again means that you could avoid being charged for extra cleaning after moving out.
  • If the cleaning of the housing is approved you can deliver your keys and move out.

Do you need to borrow equipment for cleaning?

We see that a lot of tenants don't have the necessary equipment so we offer this to ease and improve the cleaning.

We have vacuums and a complete cleaning package you can borrow for free. Fill out the form to borrow here Renholdspakke // Cleaning package

Handing over keys

If you move out within our opening hours you can deliver your keys at the housing office at school - entrance through the bookstore.

If you move during the weekend, or at night, you can drop your keys off in one of our mailboxes.

  • Campus: a gray mailbox with our logo on it, on the far west of the A-building outside our facility office there.
  • Mekvegen (Kvam): a green mailbox with "SiMolde/Nøkler" on in, to the right just inside the main door to the laundry in the A-building
  • Glombo: A green mailbox to the right of the main door

Change of address

Change of address at

Don't forget to change your address as soon as possible after you have moved out, you do this in the same way as when you moved in.