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A place we can hang out for students at Molde University College.


The "Mellomrommet" is a room between the D and E blocks on the Molde Campus. The space is a drug-free meeting place in the student housing. Here you can come for a cup of coffee, meet fellow students, watch TV and movies or play games - or something completely different!

In the evening you will find one of our student hosts at Mellomrommet.

Activities and events

During opening hours, it will be possible to come and read, talk, write, play games, watch TV or movies, or whatever you want. The idea is that it can be a meeting place, a place to be.

Occasionally we will also have small events, such as a course, lecture, movie night or something else. Common to all activities is that they are alcohol-free. The room will always be staffed, so here it is possible to come to have a chat.

We look forward to seeing you!