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BUA is located in Idrettens hus, and here you can borrow different sports- and outdoor equipments.

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More information here.

Remember to bring ID-card. All equipment must be picked up by the one booking it.

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 14- 18.

At BUA Molde you can find lots of different sport equipment that everyone can borrow for free!

You can reserve equipment online, press ''find equipment'' to see what we have!

You can also borrow equipment for a friend without an account. But just ONE friend at the same order.

Don't reserve more equipment than you need and have time to use.

Max number of units per borrowing per week should not be more than 12, and cannot contain multiple types of equipment to the same persons..

Ex. borrowing of cross-country skis one week, skates another week, slalom equpment another week etc. If a family borrows all this one week, another two families will not be able to rent what they need.

To borrow kayaks and SUP, you need a basic kayaking course ''våttkort', and also participate on the activity on the water.

To make the account, you need a norwegian phone number registered in your name. Read the rest of the borrowing rules.

Schools and classes can borrow a larger amount of units than 12, but then they need to contact BUA beforehand. bua@molde.kommune.no

You can not borrow equipment to others or sublease.

Welcome to us at Idrettens hus!

BUA Molde