Student life in Molde in 2023

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Do you want to do something nice for yourself in 2023? SiMolde can help you with that! Here are a few of the offers we have for students this year!

Student events

On all the information about the events from the student organizations and SiMolde is available. You should always keep an eye out on moldestudent, you don't want to miss out on anything! Sit down on Sundays and have a look to see what you would want to attend the following week 😉

Training room

The training room at the school can be used! It is not very big, but have everything you need for a good session!

Sign up to MSI to get access to the training room.


Mellomrommet is a nice place to stress down with other fellow students. Play some games, knit, listen to music or just chill together. Drop by 5 minutes or 3 hours - you are welcome anyway ❤

Do you need someone to think out loud with?

Our student counselors can help you with that. Release your mind, lower your shoulders and take a deep breath.

Student swimming

Student swimming for only 50 NOK, every Monday from 16-19.30 with a valid student id!

Small breaks at school

"Snakkbar" is located just by the main entrance of the A-building, and with it's super comfortable yellow coach feel free to take a breather in your studies!

Table tennis Stop by the bookstore, borrow some rackets and have a match with your study buddy.

The canteen is always there with their student friendly prices and good food.