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The students new meeting spot is open, stop by and have a chat 😊

The students at HiMolde now has the possibility to sit down in a beautiful yellow couch in 90-meterskogen, have a chat with a fellow student and enjoy a cup of coffee - or a glass of lemonade.

A new meeting spot with the conversation in focus

The Snakkbar is a meeting spot where the conversation in between student is in focus. And since the conversations is in focus the Snakkbar is meant to be a phone and screen free zone.

Student and initiator Sander says the following about the Snakkbar:

"If you come and sit down in the Snakkbar you will feel included right away. This will be a place to share experiences, tell stories, talk about challenges, ask questions and get to know one another."

- The Snakkbar is open every weekday from 12:00-14:00 - come and have a chat! -

The Snakkbar is staffed by students and in the couch you will meet this amazing gang!

From left: Simen, Jasetha, Sander, Mudassar, Afaaq, and Guro 🥰

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