Student counselor

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You are welcome to stop by with any questions, big or small, and thoughts that occupy you as a student and a human.

Say hello to our student counsellors Eva-Merete, Hilde, and Marthe!

They are here to make sure that you have the best possible time as a student at HiMolde.

Get in touch and they will gladly be of assistance!

Bilde Hs

Examples of things students can struggle with are…

  • Mastering student life, find the motivation to study or to best structuring their days
  • How to best allocate time for studies, family/kids, leisure time and work
  • Loneliness, difficulties finding their place, considering dropping out of their studies
  • Reading and writing difficulties
  • Study and/or exam stress
  • Conflicts in relation to families, friends, fellow students
  • Feelings, thoughts, grief, trouble concentrating or sleeping
  • Despair/depression as a result of e.g. failing exams or practice periods

What can our student counsellor offer?

  • Conversations about personal, social and practical conditions
  • Give advice and guidance
  • Help in navigating everyday life at the HiMolde and the local community
  • Give information about rights
  • Help with applying for special arrangements for exams
  • Conversations around the teaching/learning environment
  • Running groups in collaboration with students

… and more.