Health Clinic for Youth in Kristiansund

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The Health Clinic for Youth and students in Kristiansund are open on Wednesdays from 13.00-17.00.

About the service

The Health Clinic is a service for youths and students living or temporarily staying, in Kristiansund. They can be found in H. Brinchmannsvei 27.

There is no set age limit, but they are primarily helping youth between the age of 12–24. At the Health Clinic, you'll find a school nurse and a doctor. People over 20 with a family doctor in the municipality should contact their own family doctor.

The service is free.

What we offer

  • Tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or pregnancy.
  • Gynaecological examinations
  • Guidance on the use of contraceptives (birth control pills, coil, rod and other contraceptives) and unwanted pregnancy. We can also referrals to abortion.
  • Advice on e.g. eating disorders, home problems or substance abuse problems.
  • HPV vaccine, meningitis (meningococcal) vaccine.

You can also visit us if you just feel the need to talk to an adult – we have confidentiality.

More information

Find more information here or go check out our Facebook-page, here.