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SiMolde has student housing at three locations in Molde.

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Molde campus student housing

Molde campus student housing is located about 4 km east of Molde center and less than five minutes walk from Molde University College. There are six apartment blocks with different types of housing. Adjacent to the D and E blocks is also Mellomrommet, a social meeting place for all students. Close to shops and with bus connection to the city center. Many nice hiking opportunities in the area.

Housing types on Molde Campus:

  • Standard studio apartment (19 m²)
  • Quartet dormitory (12 m2)
  • Dormitory with private bathroom in collective (13 m²)
  • Studio small (17 m²)
  • Large studio apartment (22 m²)
  • Studio HC (27 m 27)
  • Double room (10 m²)
  • Quartet dormitory with private bathroom (18 m²)
  • Couple Apartment (36 m²)

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Kvam student housing

The homes at Kvam are also close to Molde University College and consist of 5 small blocks. The homes were built in 1980 and were completely renovated in 2017/2018. Close to shops and with bus connection to the city center. Right behind the homes there is direct access to hiking opportunities in Moldemarka.

Housing types:

  • Quartet dormitory (12 m²)
  • Couple apartment 36 m²
  • Family apartment 48 m²

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Glomstua student housing

Glomstua is one of our older residential buildings, and is located approx. 15 minutes walk from Molde center. It is within walking and cycling distance from Molde University College, there are also bus stops nearby. Glombo is close to a grocery store. Here it is also a short way to the "Green Corridor" which takes you straight up into Moldemarka's beautiful nature.

Housing types:

  • Couple Apartment (48 m2)
  • Dormitory room (15m2)
  • Studio small (19 m2)
  • Large studio apartment (26 m2)
  • Double room (22 m2)

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