The housing portal

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In the Housing Portal, you will find an overview of all our homes, and you can apply for housing.

The housing portal / UniAlltid

In the Housing Portal you can do the following:

See an overview of all our homes and housing types. All homes are located outside, regardless of whether they are rented out or not.

Apply for student housing.

You get a full overview of your customer relationship with SiMolde Bolig, you can:

  • Sign lease
  • Terminate your lease
  • Pay rent
  • See an overview of your invoices
  • Fill up the laundry
  • Report errors and deficiencies in your home
  • Apply to change student housing
  • Enter and update your contact information

It is important that you fill in contact information correctly since we use this information to contact you!


We also have our own app!

In the app you will find your contract, you can change user information, report errors and deficiencies in the home, retrieve invoice information, pay rent, fill up money at the laundry and cancel your home. You can basically organize and manage your entire living relationship with us via the app!

Download the app here:

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