Housing opportunities in Kristiansund

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Are you going to study in Kristiansund? then you will find information about housing opportunities here.

We do not have housing offers in Kristiansund, so you have to find housing there via the private market.

Campus Kristiansund has teaching rooms at the University College Center in Kristiansund (HiKSU), Industriveien 18, which is located at Løkkemyra in Nordlandet. The center is 13 km from the city center, but there are good bus connections from HiKSU and into the city center. It is also a nice cycling distance from the center to HiKSU.

Kristiansund consists of several islands:

  1. Nordlandet - Here the college has teaching. Many residential areas: Røssern, Dale, Draget, Råket (Newer homes)
  2. Goma - District with the residential areas Goma, Grautbyen, Stortua and Steinberget.
  3. Kirkelandet - The center with shops, restaurants, etc. Here you will find the districts Karihola, Brunsvika, Myra.
  4. Inland - island via bridge over from Kirkelandet
  5. Frei - Large rural island, bridge connection directly to the airport. Towns here are Rensvik, Frei Town Hall, Storbakken.

Where do you start looking?

Houses and apartments in Kristiansund for sale and for rent https://www.facebook.com/group...

Student flats and apartments in Kristiansund https://www.facebook.com/group...

Finn.no - Well-known search engine for a whole range of services, here you will also find an overview of rental housing in Kristiansund.