Typical questions

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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we get about books.

What is the syllabus for my study?

We have an overview of all the books you need for your study. Ask us, we will be happy to help you!

In addition, the syllabus hangs on the side of the bookshelves, so you can find the syllabus yourself.

Do you sell syllabus packages?

We make syllabus and book packages for the students at the start of the semester. The offer is valid only in the bookstore itself.

Do you sell calculator?

We sell regular, technical and graphic calculators.

Can I use previous editions of the book?

We always recommend using the latest edition of the book. It is the lecturer's curriculum.

New editions are updated and often contain a lot of new material.

Do you have this book? I can't find it in the bookshelves.

We try to have all syllabus books in the bookshelves, except health books, the books are sorted by subject code

If you can't find the book, ask us for help. It may be temporarily sold out, but we will order it for you.

Can I order a book that is not on the syllabus?

We can order all kinds of books for you, it does not have to be only professional literature.

Can I borrow books?

No, we don't lend books. The library is located on the third floor of the campus, you can find more information here: https://www.himolde.no/bibliot...

Do I get an extra student discount?

At the start of the semester we have many books on promotions and offers in syllabus and book packages.

When you buy books and supplies from us, you contribute money to student welfare.

I don't have my debit card, can I pay another way?

When you arrive at the checkout, let us know and you can pay with Vipps.

The students at HiKsu can buy books through SiMolde Bok Vipps menu.

How do I order books and compendium online?

You can order books and compendium here: https://www.simolde.no/bok/bes...

I'm a remote student. Are you sending the books home to me?

Yes, we will send the books to you with an invoice fee.

The students in Kristiansund receive the books free of charge with the internal mail to Kristiansund University College.

Are you open in the summertime?

The store is closed between but you can email us at bok@simolde.no

It is my employer who will pay my books. What I do then?

Then your employer sends a confirmation by email to bok@simolde.no with the invoice address and the e-mail address where the invoice on the books should be sent.