Payment rates in municipal and private kindergartens

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These rates apply from 1 January 2021. SiMolde Anestua follows Molde municipality's prices.

Kindergarten offerSpace precentParental payment (NOK)Student (NOK)
Full time place 100%3230,-3150,-
Part-time place60%2135,-2090,-
Part-time place50%1795,-1755,-
Part-time place40%1460,-1440,-

Food allowance: 350 NOK for a full place, 175 NOK for half a place.

About reduced parental pay
As of 1 May, it was also stipulated that no household shall pay more than 6 per cent of its income for a daycare place. See guidelines for applying for reduced parental payment, click here.

Sibling moderation
Parents must be offered a minimum of 30% sibling moderation for child no. 2, and a minimum 50% reduction for child no. 3 or more children. It is possible to go beyond the maximum limit, cf. § 4 of the regulations.